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With expert collaboration, InnerMederi presents a wealth of information. Physicians, fitness instructors, health and wellness specialists, and more offer their insights. Often, I will post a blog by a different expert to give a wide spectrum and deep understanding of wellness as a whole, in order to tap into all aspects of the Circle of Life.

From these experts to you

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Sylvia Haskvitz, MA, RDN

I first met Sylvia at my “Healing Begins Within” virtual lecture. Knowing that I have a registered dietitian in the audience was nothing less than nerve-wracking.

After my lecture, Sylvia reached out and wanted to collaborate. Needless to say, it was one of the greatest compliments one could have given me. Soon we found ourselves working, brainstorming, and we realized that we have something special. Together, we created “Unprocessed”- a virtual wellness 4-session workshop.

My appreciation and gratitude for Sylvia’s talent, wisdom, professionalism, and personality are beyond words. I am honored to call her a colleague and a friend.


Sylvia has been doing her best to know, share and live the Nonviolent (Compassionate) Communication (NVC) process since stumbling upon it in the San Francisco Bay Area in the late 1980’s. She became a certified trainer with the Center for Nonviolent Communication in 1989.


Combining her two passions of food and nutrition and Nonviolent Communication, Sylvia, a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist is the author of Eat by Choice, Not by Habit: Practical Skills for Creating a Healthy Relationship with Your Body and Food —- which has been translated into 5 languages. She has co-written an e-guidebook to accompany Eat by Choice for both adults and children. Sylvia’s essay, Enemy Images was published in the book, Healing Our Planet, Healing Ourselves.

She has directed and produced a weekly radio program (Call in a Conflict) and hosted a television show, (People Skills) both of which were based on her training in Nonviolent Communication.


Sylvia has offered NVC and Eat by Choice training in Israel, Brazil, Germany, Romania, England, South Korea, China and throughout the U.S. She most enjoys sparking peoples’ interest in embracing this language and consciousness as she sees the profound impact on clients’ health and well-being and those whom they touch. She now serves CNVC (Center for Nonviolent Communication) as an assessor/advocate to support the next generation of certified trainers and co-founded CALF (Candidates/Community Active Learning Forum) as a way to create community for this learning journey.


Sylvia lives in Tucson, AZ and enjoys traveling in her travel trailer with her husband to places known and unknown. A favorite is hot spring hopping in Arizona and New Mexico and checking out the health food stores and food coops along the way.


Dr. Eynav Accortt, Ph.D.

I met Dr. Accortt in 2002 when we were both new to Tucson, AZ. She was a Ph.D. clinical psychology student and I was a healing arts student.

We quickly formed a special friendship and bond. This deep personal bond transformed into a professional one over the years as we both evolved and were recognized in our own fields. It is well known that mental health is a crucial part of total wellness and well-being in one’s life. Yes, I am on the holistic side of the spectrum, and Dr. Accortt is on the medical, science-based side of the spectrum, but at the end of the day, we both create a ripple effect of wellness for our patients/clients.

I am so proud of Dr. Accortt’s influence in her field, her voice, and her support of women, especially in such a sensitive and delicate period in their lives, during pregnancy and postpartum.

I am so blessed to have Dr. Accortt share her views and expertise with InnerMederi. Her wisdom and knowledge never cease to amaze and enrich my life, personally and professionally.


Eynav Accortt, Ph.D., is a California licensed clinical psychologist. Her areas of clinical focus include mood and anxiety disorders during the female reproductive life course and in response to chronic illnesses such as breast cancer and heart disease. 

Dr. Accortt is an assistant professor in the department of obstetrics and gynecology at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where she conducts research on the physiological processes that are associated with higher risk for depression and anxiety in pregnancy and postpartum. She is particularly interested in the association between maternal mental health, cardiovascular health and adverse pregnancy and birth outcomes. In2019 she founded and is the Director of the Reproductive Psychology Program housed in the OBGYN department at Cedars-Sinai.

Dr. Accortt serves as faculty for Maternal Mental Health Now, an organization dedicated to providing support, education and resources to Los Angeles women, families, providers and the larger community. She was also a founding board member of the Maternal Mental Health Coalition of Ventura County.

Dr. Accortt earned her Masters (2004) and Doctoral (2009) degrees in Clinical Psychology at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona. She completed her clinical internship at the Cincinnati Veterans Affairs Medical Center in 2009 and was an assistant professor of psychology at Miami University in Ohio from 2009-2012. She completed her NIMH Postdoctoral Fellowship in Biobehavioral Issues in Physical and Mental Health at the University of California, Los Angeles in 2014 and joined the faculty at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in 2015.

To help women in the area with these unique emotional needs, Dr. Accortt established her private practice, Perinatal Mental Health Care, in 2017. She was licensed to practice psychology in Ohio in 2011 (License #6760) and in California in 2016 (License # 28621).

She enjoys traveling, hiking, reading and playing board games with her husband, son and daughter.


Yael Alkalay, Founder and CEO, RedFlower

Anyone who knows me knows I am the number one groupie of Red Flower. Every day of my self-care routine is so delicious and elevated. Yael Alkalay is the beautiful woman (inside and out) behind these pure, clean, and extraordinary products for your skin and your home. The importance of what you put inside your body is no secret, however, it is no less important to take care of the outside of your body. 

Over the years, I have gotten many clients and friends hooked. I hope I can get you hooked, too. Yael and Red Flower are a true blessing in my life, and I hope you'll feel the same. Give it a shot. You won’t regret it!


Yael is the pioneering leader in beauty wellness. She founded Red Flower two decades ago with a vision for empowered beauty and ritualistic self-care. Red Flower is a holistic dedication to exceptional botanical ingredients at the highest level of potency and concentration, sourced with great attention from small purveyors. Each ingredient is selected to maximize therapeutic effects and aromatic benefits from certified organic mushroom extracts and pure flower distillations to the cold-pressed oil of the elusive cloudberry. The layering of powerful anti-oxidizing and detoxifying ingredients, coupled with simple application techniques, drawn from a rich heritage of healing practices, incredible textures, delicate, whole essential oil scents and steaming, running water for an empowered offering in optimal health and radiance. The Red Flower range of therapeutic spa and self-care products includes skin, hair, body, bath, and home. 


To get to know Red Flower and to explore my recommendations, visit and use code: imredflower at checkout for exclusive InnerMederi discounts and offerings (include the code in the message section at check out).

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Tejpal, MA, MBA

Tejpal and I first crossed paths back in 2005. From the moment we met, she’s been a true light and an inspiration in my life personally and professionally. Our work has complemented each other and I simply can’t have this website without honoring her influence in this world.

Tejpal has over 30 years of experience helping teams and individuals around the world find joy and purpose in their lives. She holds a master’s degree in psychology and an MBA.  Tejpal attended the Barbara Brennan School of Healing and became a healer and a certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor.

She has co-written and published two books: “Manifest Moment to Moment” in collaboration with Dr. McLaughlin and “40 Ways to Be” in collaboration with Shari Gootter.

For more information, go to

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Dr. Rubin Naiman, Ph.D.


Integrative Clinical, Sleep and Dream Psychology

Director, NewMoon Sleep, LLC

Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine

Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine

University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ


The more I delve deeper into the layers of wellness, the more I understand how crucial sleep is to our well-being; physically, emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually.

I was aware of Dr. Naiman’s important and cutting-edge work about sleep for quite some time. You can only imagine how excited I was when he responded to my collaboration request immediately.

I am honored and blessed to collaborate with him, and I hope you'll find his work as fascinating as I do.


Dr. Naiman is the director of NewMoon Sleep, LLC, an organization that offers a range of sleep services and trainings internationally. He has worked with a diverse clientele ranging from Fortune 500 CEOs to world-class athletes, from homemakers to statesmen and entertainers. Dr. Naiman has helped develop sleep products ranging from mattresses to melatonin and provided consultation to organizations ranging from yoga ashrams to world-renowned rock bands.


He is the author of groundbreaking works on sleep, including Healing Night, Healthy Sleep (with Dr. Weil), The Yoga of Sleep, To Sleep ToNight, and Hush, as well as professional book chapters. He also blogs for The Huffington Post.


Over the past 25 years, Dr. Naiman has taught at a number of colleges and universities. He is a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Dr. Naiman has given hundreds of public and professional presentations on a wide range of topics related to sleep and dreams, spirituality, stress, psychological aspects of illness, consciousness, creativity, and shadow work. He is comfortable in the public eye and widely acknowledged for his engaging and deeply informative, yet lighthearted style. Dr. Naiman’s clinical work, professional trainings, and public presentations consistently receive strong accolades.

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Shelley Russell, Fitness Expert

I love spinning! But it is not always easy to find a spin class that is also motivating. For me, a great spin class that keeps me coming and wanting again and again, more and more, needs to have a magical formula. This formula must contain a terrific instructor – knowledgeable, walks the talk, motivating and informative enough (but one who doesn’t chew your ear off), great music, and a good combination of cadence and intensity.

After moving to Tucson, AZ, for years I was riding road bikes simply because I couldn’t find that instructor who brought this magic combo… until I tried Shelley’s class. She is fantastic! Her knowledge of the body and the heart is phenomenal, her soundtracks are always inspiring, and in her personal training sessions, she meets you where you are, and customizes to your limitations, if needed.

Her introduction of Heart Zones into my life was a huge “aha” moment!

For more information, check out her website -

Shelley has been working in the fitness industry since 1996! Her passion is merging technology and fitness for the ultimate workout experience. As the only Heart Zones, Inc ® internal software tester allowed to work directly with engineers, she impacts the code that “Makes America Fit.” She uses the Heart Zones technology and data to make a difference in her clients’ health and fitness. 

Her fitness-related developments include her creativity and her expertise as follows: 1.) Using her programming background to develop her fitness website ( 2.) Offering services to customize heart rate and individualized cycling power zones for clients so that they can be fitness efficient, especially for those who are time-crunched; 3.) Combining group fitness and personal training expertise by offering online classes in all areas of fitness (strength, cardio, and flexibility).

Shelley’s certifications include Heart Zones, Inc ® Level 3 Certified Indoor Cycling, National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Corrective Exercise Specialization (CES), Les Mills International BodyPump, American Council on Exercise (ACE Fitness) Group Fitness Instructor (GEI) and Personal Trainer Certification (PTC) and TRX Training Certified Instructor.

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More collaborations are coming soon. Stay tuned. 

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