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Your Path to Vibrant Health: Reinventing Your Relationship with Discipline

I asked Tejpal to share her view on wellness. Being the amazing human she is, she agreed right away.

I hope her words of wisdom (they never end), will resonate with you as much as they do with me.

I do hope you get a chance to experience her work in any shape and form.

Below are Tejpal’s words.

Inhale love and exhale gratitude,


Your Path to Vibrant Health:

Reinventing Your Relationship with Discipline

When we think of creating a healthy lifestyle, we often believe we have to call on our will, our determination and our perseverance. When we think of health, the word discipline comes up right away, and with it, a lot of misconceptions.

If you approach health this way, you will suffer. Health is not about accomplishing something; health does not have a destination; it is a path.

In my thirties, my relationship with discipline and health was all or nothing. I was training for the NYC marathon, and I always had high standards for myself. Every time I was not accomplishing what I intended to for the day, it was a bad day. My sense of happiness was too often linked to some expected results. My health then was more a competition than a service to myself.

In my forties, I dived deeper into yoga, meditation, and spirituality. I started with the same enthusiasm wanting to do everything right and to become a perfect yogi. Again, that was not healthy.

My life balance was too conceptual and not rooted in what I needed. I have learned over the years to be flexible and listen to what was needed the most that day. I have learned to keep learning and stay present without an agenda; I have learned to accept the many facets of myself and reinvent my relationship with discipline.

A discipline without compassion does not work. We live in a world where we have more and more unexpected situations; you thought you had time to prepare a meal, to go for a walk, to sit and meditate or to be present with your kids. Then something happens and you can’t do it. Can you still can stay healthy and vibrant in the changing circumstances of your life?

My wish for you is that you give yourself the option to fine tune your relationship with discipline if you want a healthy lifestyle. Your discipline has to be flexible and creative to adapt moment to moment. Your discipline is not a chore, but an act of self-love toward yourself. Your discipline gives you the opportunity to develop a level of intimacy with yourself. As you are able to listen, without an agenda, you drop deeper into you. Do the best you can, so that you can access your own wisdom to serve yourself and others.

With much love,



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