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"I first met Ella at the Maimonides Center for Natural and Nutritional Medicine Studies. We both were students – it was my first introduction to the holistic world. However, after I got to know Ella, I realized she was already an experienced Wellness Coach who wanted to add more layers and knowledge to her practice.
She is one of those people who loves to learn and expand her knowledge as much as possible.
After we graduated, I felt that I needed someone to help me fine-tune further, and Ella was just the person to help me with that.
She has a great way of blending her academic knowledge with life experience - her own and others' - into a beautiful and special practice.
Together, she took me on an unusual journey where I was able to find a way to implement healthy lifestyle changes uniquely to me.
One exercise worth mentioning is the Circle of Life – it is a reflection and understanding of where I am now and a compass and direction to where I want to be and grow.
She is a great listener and offers great advice.
She also checked up on me via texts and phone calls, making sure I was on task and on the right track.
She has great recipes that are easy to follow and delicious.
If you are looking for someone to guide you through a wellness journey, Ella is definitely the one."

Adi Peisach

"I needed better food in my life and so did my mom. We both wanted to start eating cleaner and wanted to be more aware of alternative healthier ingredients in our food. I have known Ella for many years and knew she would be the perfect person to help us. Ella mentioned we could have a group session and invite other family members to also learn a healthier way to eat. It was so fun! The group session was interactive and very informative. Ella brought all the ingredients to show us how to make colorful tacos! They were amazing and we all were so surprised at how easy they were to make. Although each of us are on our own journey with our food choices, everyone who attended took away something different. I definitely recommend a group session for family or friends who want to learn to cook and eat healthy together. Ella is extremely knowledgeable and very helpful. I put my trust in her and she helped in so many ways."

Bonnie Johnson


"I loved your series and noticed that I gained a lot of insight into myself (how much it means to me to be in a supportive community, just how hard I can be on myself, how lonely I've been on this journey). Based on the above I definitely came away with new skills that I am able to actually integrate into my daily life.



Lynn McLaughlin

"I enjoyed Ella’s lecture – “Healing Begins Within” very much. It was the first time I had heard about primary foods being those qualities which support a meaningful and rich life. This new awareness was profound as my focus has been fully on healthy food for healing and I obviously missed a big part of the puzzle in healing my autoimmune disease. I experienced Ella’s passion for the topic of health and well-being inspiring. And my sense of her warmth and open-heartedness to participants’ questions and concerns was supportive and nurturing. I was so excited by her presence and offering, I reached out to invite her to co-create another workshop!"


Sylvia Haskvitz MA, RDN

"We were fortunate to have Ella give an exceptional workshop for our community- Ella delivered a well-informed and educational lecture. She walked us through understanding the deeper dimensions of our health and well-being, along with many practical tips along the way!

Mushkie Zimmerman 

Co-director, Chabad of Oro Valley

I was ill for several years and I attribute a good deal of my healing to the care and love Ella provided me with.

She helped me find a diet compatible with my very specific needs and went above and beyond by taking the time to give me hands-on lessons for preparation. Her wisdom and knowledge of both the physical body and medicine of food surpass anyone I’ve met in my extensive journey.”


Shelly Eagle

"I’ve known Ella for over a decade. Her passion for and knowledge of health and nutrition continues to be an inspiration. She has taught me how to be creative and confident in the kitchen while keeping it simple and healthy. In a coaching session with Ella, I gained insight and awareness into returning to a healthy routine after my many travels. Without overwhelming, she offers guidance to create an accessible plan for intentions. I’ve never known a more disciplined or understanding person, who makes inner healing fun and empowering!"


Becca Brandes

“Ella Hirsh is a very special person. I know her through her incredible hands as a healer, through her leadership skills  - always promoting, supporting and growing her therapist team, as a host with the greatest sensibility and respect, as a friend peeling hundreds of cucumbers for a Red Flower beauty and health retreat event at a prestigious wellness resort to teaching guests how to make cucumber water for skincare, as a creator with the deepest understanding for healing the body, as an educator passing along learned expertise in simple and clear terms, and as a health provider with joyful, exuberant capabilities, genuine, empowering values and a rare quality of honesty, truthfulness, and openness that makes her human spirit so easy to connect with and so powerful to be touched by. I recommend any opportunity to work with Ella, her work is transformational and her knowledge of integrative nutrition and body systems is just the kind of wellness that is exactly what our time demands”. 


Yael Alkalay, Founder and CEO, Red Flower

"Ella is both exceptionally versed in anatomy and physiology and committed to good communication. She is also deeply committed to wellness in her own life. The result is that she is able to offer true healing experiences."


Shelley Kirkwood

"Ella’s enthusiasm, joy, and passion for life are contagious and she puts this grace into her work.  She has a dedication and love for what she does and the gifts come endlessly through her hands and heart.  As a practitioner, I have seen and known Ella to be a dynamic and intuitive healer.  On a personal level, a compassionate and caring soul. Ella has an understanding of her field that allows her to go beyond the framework of wellness- thinking through inspiration, healing beyond layers of the known and creatively flowing with creation. 

Ella understands how to communicate wellness on an individual level, allowing each client to experience exactly what they need for higher healing.  Higher healing is finding the stillness within that takes one to their own unique process with the Divine."


Tamara Knox, Author, PhD. Psy.Thd.

"I can't even begin to explain Ella.  I have known Ella for 10 years now and watched her grow into a plethora of knowledge and love, willing to share her expertise with all. Her recipes are incredible and extremely delicious! She is wise beyond words and the most nurturing and giving person I have ever met. Her passion for wellness is full of tough love blended with wisdom and knowledge. She is truly a gift to humanity."


Ann Laduke LMT

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