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As I am passionate about sharing my joy of cooking and nutritious food, I am also as passionate about sharing my life journey, transformation, and the layers of wellness I’ve discovered. All of this has led me to become an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, a nationally certified bodyworker & healing arts practitioner, and an educator.

The road to health and happiness is never-ending. My programs are easily customized to your wants and needs. From these programs, you’ll have all the tools I could possibly give in order to continue your journey confidently on your own.

From my knowledge and experience to you



This is a six-month program with sessions twice-a-month either face-to-face or virtually.

This non-diagnostic program is usually initiated by a decision to make some type of life changes. In addition to specific goals, there is a focus on teaching clients to eventually be self-sufficient by learning to observe the body’s response to various lifestyle and dietary modifications and by choosing health-promoting behaviors that work for them on their own.

Together, we will develop strategies to enhance self-fulfillment.

Why six months? The Institute for Integrative Nutrition discovered that six months is the approximate time it takes for your mind and body to forget old habits and fully adopt new ones to the point that they become second nature.


Community & Care

No one can argue that life as we know it has changed so drastically in the year 2020. My work in all its layers, shapes, and forms is about human interactions - healing sessions, coaching, and education. 

Not surprisingly, I learned that more and more people are longing for community and care, and I find myself spending more time coaching groups. 

With my wellness lectures and workshops, people are held accountable, they are inspired by others and they love and are excited about sharing their journey with family, friends, and even colleagues.  

Regardless whether it’s done virtually or in a safe space, I will customize my lectures and workshops to the needs and wants of your group.  

So be in touch. 


Joy & Creativity

I often hear that people wish to eat healthier and step up their home cooking game. Yet, they either don’t have time, or they think they are not good in the kitchen. Sometimes, they simply don’t know how to transition to cleaner food. They hear that beets, chia seeds, and quinoa are good for them, but how does one make something yummy, nutrient-dense and satisfying out of these as an alternative to a Big Mac?

I keep it simple & healthy, tasty & wholesome. I customize to your needs and to your bio-individuality. I am so proud, and it is pure joy when I see how people grow confidence, slowly finding bliss & creativity in the kitchen.

If you are starting from scratch, trying to find your way with the basics, or even if you just need fine tuning, I am your person.

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