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While dietary nutrition is considered as a secondary food, relationships, career, physical activity, and spirituality are primary foods. Nourishment occurs on many levels, so when thinking about secondary food, it’s important to consider primary food. Our own making and bio-individuality, are also an important part of the equation.

Through recognizing patterns in our primary foods, habits, and beliefs, we are able to understand and thereby change secondary food choices. There are many components that influence these choices, including health, lifestyle, environment, physiology, psychology, society, culture, economy, personal belief system, food relationship, and knowledge.

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From recipes, health tips, physician advice, healing arts professionals, fitness experts, and programs I offer such as health coaching, home cooking or a pantry make over, you will gain a full understanding of the why and how. The information you find here comes with the potential of transformation. Why is it important to understand that? Information, alone, is not enough to take a step towards change. Only when information leads to transformation does the magic begin, and only then!

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