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Unique Green Salad

1 Granny smith apple (cored and cubed)

1 Fuji apple (or any sweet apple, cored and cubed)

2 Persian cucumbers (cubed)

Chevre goat cheese


1 avocado (cubed)

1 bunch of Italian parsley (finely chopped)

A handful of fresh dill (finely chopped)

½ lemon

Olive oil



Green Salad.jfif
  1. In a bowl, mix the cubed apples, cucumbers, and avocado.

  2. Add the chopped parsley and dill.

  3. Squeeze the lemon, drizzle some olive oil, add salt and pepper for taste.

  4. Top with a handful of pecans and crumble the goat cheese.

  5. Mix well and serve.


Vegan or Vegetarian, Gluten-free

Serves 1-2

Wow… this not-your-usual green salad is so tasty and so healthy.

Originally, this was introduced to me more for cleansing and liver support.

But with my addition of the healthy fats from the pecans, avocado, and goat cheese, it makes it more of a full meal deal and gives a pleasant, satiated sensation.

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