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Sweet Potato Patties


2.75 lbs. (44 oz.)  sweet potatoes (peeled and cubed)

1 cup flour (I use quinoa flour)

1 tbsp. Tamari sauce



Coconut oil or butter for frying



½ cup sour cream

½ cup European style yogurt (full fat)

4 stalks of green onion (finely chopped)

1 tsp. mustard

½ lemon (just the juice)



Sweet Potatos patties.jfif
  1. Steam the peeled and cubed sweet potatoes until soft, about 40 min.

  2. Cool down and drain excess water.

  3. While sweet potatoes are cooling down, make the sauce.

  4. Mix all sauce ingredients together and keep chilled.

  5. Once sweet potatoes have cooled down, mash and add flour, Tamari, salt and pepper. Mix well until smooth. You can mix using a hand or a stand mixer.

  6. Preheat oil or butter (or mix both) in a pan.

  7. Place a patty mix in the hot pan. Use a 2-spoons method - one to gather the mix and one to scrape it off into the pan.

  8. Cook on medium heat until both sides are golden brown and patties are formed.

  9. Serve with the sauce on top or on the side, with a salad or as a side dish.

Vegetarian, Gluten-free

Makes about 25 patties

An old-time favorite of mine, based on a recipe from an iconic restaurant in Israel – “Orna and Ella” (different Ella). Recently, this restaurant has closed and I must say I was grieving for this end of an era. 

I made some tweaks to support my gluten-free, sugar-free, and unprocessed foods lifestyle.

The sauce is what makes this dish magic and not to be missed.

This will be a great twist for a traditional Thanksgiving meal or nice fall harvest dinner.

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