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Quinoa Spinach Patties

1 cup white dry quinoa

1 bag (16 oz.) frozen spinach

100 grams / 3-4 oz. of feta cheese (I like Israeli feta or any feta that is kept in water. The moisture is important.)

1 egg

½ cup quinoa flour (or oatmeal flour)


Coconut oil for frying

  1. Add 1 cup dry white quinoa to 1 ½ cups of water. Bring to boil with a dash of salt, then reduce to low-medium heat. Cover. Cook until all the water is fully absorbed.

  2. Warm-up ½ tbsp. of coconut oil in a pot and add the bag of frozen spinach. Cook with a dash of salt until all moisture is gone.

  3. When fully cooked, combine quinoa and spinach in a bowl, let it cool down a bit before adding the rest of the ingredients, but still keep it warm enough.

  4. Crumble the feta cheese in.

  5. Add quinoa flour.

  6. Add 1 egg.

  7. Mix thoroughly.

  8. Coat a well-seasoned cast-iron pan or a nonstick pan with a thin layer of coconut oil and warm up the pan.

  9. With damp hands, roll a golf-ball-sized ball from the mixture and flatten it lightly.

  10. Place in the pan and cook both sides until golden.

•        Add coconut oil to the pan as needed while frying

Vegetarian, Gluten-free

Makes 15-17 patties

I invented these patties when I transitioned to gluten-free many years ago, and I was experimenting endlessly in the kitchen. I wanted a neutral grain (quinoa is a seed), packed with flavor and fun to make and eat. They are also easy to keep in the fridge or the freezer and easy to pack for work with some veggies or a salad. Just a disclaimer - always pack extra because your colleagues will undoubtedly want some too! 

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