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Fun Buns

1 cup tapioca flour

160 gr. plain goat cheese (crumbly, not creamy - Chevre is great)

1 egg

2 tbsp. water (1/8 cup)

Smoked or Himalayan salt

  1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.

  2. Prepare a baking sheet covered with parchment paper.

  3. Mix the flour, goat cheese, and egg slowly with your fingers, add the water (if needed), and keep mixing until all ingredients are cohesive (like soft playdough). Add flour if the mixture is too sticky. 

  4. Create balls - slightly smaller than golf balls - and place them on the baking sheet.

  5. Sprinkle salt on top (or leave plain).

  6. Place in the oven and bake until golden (about 20 minutes). Bake longer for less gooey texture.  


Makes 10 buns

These irresistible buns are a take-off of the “Pan de Yuca” Colombian bread – basically starch and cheese.

A dear American-Colombian friend introduced me to her version, and I fell in love.

After several trials and errors of my version, this is it!

On their own, with butter, next to a salad or a saucy dish - they are truly full of yumminess and comfort.

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