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What is wellness? The WALL-E Effect

Updated: Jun 28, 2020

I am so excited to post my first blog and to share my thoughts with you, as I launch my website. This website and the blog are a labor of love – love to the people around me, love to the people I don't know, love to our world, and no less, love to myself. I always believed in synchronicity, yet it never ceases to surprise me when things are aligned so beautifully.

All of us, as one unit and as individuals, have been impacted with challenges in the past few months, but I find a thick and shiny silver lining in all of this. I truly believe we have already started the ripple effect toward healing and wellness all around us.

I know it sounds like a paradox – that this is a time of healing, but when you truly think about and dissect it, we all needed a pause from the hamster wheel, and some self-reflection. Remember the phrase that to re-build we need to hit bottom? This leads to re-building, true wellness and the WALL-E effect.

I highly recommend you watch the 2008 movie, Wall-E. It was eye opening and ahead of its time. I am so grateful for Andrew Stanton, who wrote this story, the screenplay, and directed it (if you know Andrew, could you please tell him I am a fan, and would love to have him over for a nutritious and delicious dinner?)

On a serious note, what is wellness, really?

There’s an assumption that if we eat healthy (that's subjective as well) and work out 3 times a week, we are healthy. This assumption is quite passé when you dive into the true meaning of wellness. There are many slices to this pie – relationships & social life, health, career, spirituality, home environment, etc., just to name a few.

How many times have you seen a "Yogi" so committed to solitude and green shakes, yet he/she doesn't seem vibrant at all? And how many times have you seen a couple in the movies eating popcorn loaded with butter and drinking soda (Oy Vey!), yet they seem so alive, vibrant and happy? Your diet may still need some improvement, but when your spirituality and your relationships are strong, you may be better off than someone who is lonely and sad but eats only veggies, super-foods, and wild-caught fish, and vice versa. Got it?

For years I avoided social media like the plague. And here I am with a website, blog, and an Instagram account (yikes, who am I? You still can't convince me to open a FB account). I realized I have much to say and share, as if I want to climb to the highest summit and scream it from the top of my lungs – will anyone be able to hear me from the highest summit though? You see, what was right for me a year ago, is not the same today.

Wellness is the same; you have to listen, adapt, and adjust to yourself. You have to keep checking in on all levels of Circle of Life at all times, even when you think you’ve reached your destination. This journey never ends. When we truly reach the end we stop existing on earth. So, as long as you are still here, don't you want to be your best?

Things are never stagnant. People are so afraid of change and afraid of the unknown, but in nature, if the water sits for too long it becomes rancid. It has to move and be fluid. Have you ever seen anything stagnant in nature? We as humans are the same; we are an integral part of nature.

Change is inevitable. It’s a part of life, a part of our lives, now more than ever, regardless if we want it or not. Part of my wellness and happiness journey, today, involves peeling my layers, to grow and be seen in the raw. Through my own personal transformation – past and present – I hope you'll be able to understand better the layers of health and wellness.

Please stay tuned.

Inhale love and exhale gratitude,


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