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Onion Thingy

1-2 red onions

Red wine vinegar

  1. Slice onion to thin rings or julienne style

  2. Place in a bowl and toss it with a generous amount of red wine vinegar, but without fully covering it.

  3. Place in a sealed container or a Mason jar.

  4. Add to any desired dish

  • Can last for a couple of weeks but it will get softer the longer you store it.


I love tangy, spicy, pickily condiments. I find that they elevate your meal and taste buds, too.

You’ll almost always find a Mason jar with this “purple-beaut” in my fridge.

I love it in my house, with a mouse, in a box, and with a fox…

So go and love it with your fish, or on a dish, with a cheese, and in the breeze.

You would love it here and there; you would love it anywhere!

Nuf with the silliness and back to business… it will “pop” and add joy and happiness to almost any meal – a wrap, sandwich, a loaded taco, and always, always on your guaco!


And fun fact – if you add “vinegary” food to your meal, it will slow down your sugar spike after the meal.

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